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JUVE - News from 11.9.2023

CONTINUATION IN FRANKFURT, Johannemann trial: A former intern turns up

The trial will continue on Thursday. Presiding judge Werner Gröschel has announced that he will draw up a plan as soon as possible as to when which witness will be called. One problem is that a large number of potential witnesses are themselves listed as defendants and are therefore exercising their right to refuse to testify. However, Gröschel explains that one of them is not entitled to do so to any great extent, as the proceedings against this witness have already been discontinued.

"However, a good witness counsel might advise him not to testify," the judge suspects. And he had already contacted him. Witness counsel Antje Klötzer-Assion had remarked that her client ran the risk of the prosecution being resumed every time he answered a question.

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17.02.2022 Trial against clinic manager of serial killer Niels Högel

JUVE - News from 19.10.2022

Former superiors of a convicted patient murderer had to answer to the Oldenburg Regional Court (for the first time) on charges of aiding and abetting manslaughter by omission (case no. 5 Ks 800 Js 69047/14 (20/16)). For legal reasons, only a very small part of the original indictment brought by the Oldenburg public prosecutor's office in September 2019 against former superiors at Oldenburg Hospital was admitted to the main trial. The main hearing did not reveal that the former superiors were partly responsible for the manipulation and murder of the legally convicted Högel. In particular, it was positively established that the defendants had no intent. The Oldenburg Regional Court therefore acquitted three doctors, a senior nurse, a senior nurse, the former managing director of the Oldenburg and Delmenhorst clinics and the former nursing director of the Oldenburg Clinic, who was defended by Antje Klötzer-Assion, of the charge of aiding and abetting manslaughter by omission.

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11.09.2022 Maple-Bank-Process

JUVE - News from 2.9./28.9.2022


Feigen Graf, Hengeler and Sullivan to clarify DWS affair

Deutsche Bank subsidiary DWS is shaken by a greenwashing affair, one of the first major ESG compliance cases. Several parties involved have also mandated witness counsel. According to reports, the Frankfurt criminal lawyers Antje Klötzer-Assion, Dr. Friedrich Schultehinrichs (Schneider Schultehinrichs) and Serge Beck are involved in this context. Beck is a compliance officer at Schaeffler, but also represents clients as an individual lawyer.

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