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Defence of individuals

A high degree of corporate responsibility always entails a high risk for managing directors, board members, entrepreneurs and executives of involvement in disputes under criminal law. And, once the public prosecutor or tax investigator starts work, the business’s economic and professional existence may soon be at stake.

This applies even if the initial suspicion turns out to be incorrect or if the allegations, often with media support, turn out to be unjustified.

Klötzer-Assion can defend individuals in all phases of criminal and administrative investigations.

Early legal intervention

The earlier that legal advice is obtained, the better the chances of a fair hearing and the greater the chances of success. It is not only important to achieve the best possible result for the defence, however, but also and especially to avoid any irreparable reputational damage or non-criminal consequences.

Advice and support for witnesses during examinations by the authorities or the courts and support in answering written requests for information is today standard in matters of criminal law and administrative fines (witness support, section 68b StPO [Code of Criminal Procedure]): this serves to safeguard the rights of witnesses, in particular the principle of ensuring freedom from self-incrimination to avoid investigation of the witness him/herself.